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JDI Woodlands

J.D. Irving Woodlands Ltd

It all begins with a tree.-

Healthy forests have been our passion for over 135 years.  In 1882 Herbert Irving and his son James started our lumber business in the small coastal community of Bouctouche on the Northumberland Strait of New Brunswick, Canada. J.D. Irving was an innovator. He invested in new methods and technology, improving productivity and service - a tradition that we carry on today.

We own 3.2 million acres and manage over 2.6 million more acres of Crown land in New Brunswick.  Today, Irving Woodlands is a team of almost 550 in Canada and the US. Every year we’re planning 80 years ahead to ensure healthy forests, biodiversity and the protection of the rivers, lakes and streams on land we own or manage.  It’s a generational commitment - growing more wood than we harvest every year from forests that are audited and certified every year by independent experts.  We’re supported by the best technology and work with many conservation and research partners to learn and improve.   We are a leader in forest research and tree improvement.

Reforestation is at the root of our business.   Since 1957, we have planted over one billion trees, a national record in Canada. Our research on climate change and carbon sequestration has been internationally recognized. The forests we manage have a positive impact on reducing greenhouse gases – absorbing 92 million tonnes of carbon over the next 50 years.

Today, forests we care for and sustain a diverse value chain of forest products and almost 16,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs – from seedling to consumer shelf – in both Canada and the US.

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