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EnerQi Healing

EnerQi Healing is a Holistic Naturotherapy Clinic in Sussex, NB.

With over 25 years of professional experience, and being trained in over 55 different techniques and approaches, we have a wide variety of different tools in our tool box that allow us to best assist you and YOUR situation.  Therefore, each session is different and UNIQUE TO YOU.

We understand the direct relation of all aspects of our being and how they impact our health and wellness.  Our physical symptoms are at the end of a long line imbalance and trauma in our lives.  Because of this, we need to not only look at and address the physical body, but also the mental (thoughts and beliefs), emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.

We will work with you to help uncover and surface the ROOT cause of the issues and symptoms you are experiencing, and assist you to move beyond the limitations created by these, and assist you to move forward and create the experience you wish to have in life.  We can only overcome these limitations by bringing awareness of them forward to your conscious mind.

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