Ambassador Program Information

Interested in becoming an Ambassador for the Chamber?

 It’s an opportunity to hold a valuable and prestigious volunteer position but there are a few things to consider when making your decision. To qualify for this position of distinction, you must be a member of the Chamber in good standing. There are also responsibilities to review before making the commitment.

Knowing the Mission

Understanding the mission of the chamber, as well as its strategic initiatives, is important and will help you make decisions and speak more confidently to potential members.

Always Representing the Chamber

One of the other most significant Chamber Ambassador responsibilities is understanding that you always represent the chamber, which also applies to social media. Because you are a Chamber Ambassador, people may assume that when you speak in public you are speaking on behalf of the chamber.

Promote Chamber Events

Sharing our events with your networks will help us build attendance and networking opportunities. Your attendance as often as possible would be great as well.

Engage in our Social Media Posts

As an Ambassador, we ask that you follow, comment and share our social media posts to help expand our reach.

Recruiting New Members

While chamber staff recruits as well, recruitment efforts of Chamber Ambassadors are very effective. As Chamber Ambassadors are often successful, well-respected businesspeople, your reasons for joining the chamber are relevant and other businesses will want to hear those reasons.

Time Commitment

It is important you understand the time commitment and attendance requirements before accepting the role. Ambassador committee meetings will be held quarterly. Other than those meetings and our Chamber events, you can expect to spend another hour or two per month fulfilling your duties.

Rewards of Serving

Our Chamber Ambassadors not only are the face of the Chamber, but they increase community recognition of themselves and their businesses. The opportunity for high-visibility networking will be beneficial in developing new business contacts and forming ties with other committee members.

If joining this program is of interest to you, please complete the application below.